2015 年第 35 卷第 8 期

AME科研时间专栏 AME Groups Column

AME社长论坛 | 车门虽在敞开,但列车已驶远——中文生物医学期刊与Medline
AME Presidents’ Forum | Train goes out of sight but leaves the door open-Chinese biomedical journals and Medline
刘 谦, 汪 道远
LIU Qian, WANG Daoyuan
AME社长论坛 | 三谈BCT(大数据临床研究)
AME Presidents’ Forum | Big-data Clinical Trial (BCT): the third talk
汪 道远, 沈 亚星
WANG Daoyuan, SHEN Yaxing
AME向东向西022 | 中国的临床医生为何竞相申请基础研究项目?
AME Turn East and Turn West 022 | Why so many Chinese clinical doctors are competing for basic research grants?
王 毅翔
Wáng Yì-Xiáng J.
AME外科时间 | 国际胸外科医师优秀手术视频展播暨外科SCI论文写作全国巡讲会议(杭州站)圆满落幕
AME Surgical Time Series | International video show of outstanding thoracic surgeons and national tour (Hangzhou Stop) lectures for writing surgical SCI papers was a success
AME特邀来稿 | 小明去开会:波士顿,乌拉圭大师,期待相遇
AME Special Contributions | 2015 ASE annual meeting: appointment with Uruguay legend in Boston
AME News丨影响因子No.1的期刊,谷歌学术指标排第几?
AME News | Ranking of google scholar metrics among biomedical journals covered by science citation index in mainland China
AME向东向西021 | 为何中国目前在医学发明方面表现不佳及中国如何应对?(第一部分)
AME Turn East and Turn West 021 | Why China is currently underperforming in medical innovation and what China can do about it?—Part I
王 毅翔, 肖 凡
Wáng Yì-Xiáng J., XIAO Fan
AME专访 | 陈克能:MDT in thoracic oncology, we are on the way
AME Interview | MDT in thoracic oncology, we are on the way
黎 少灵, 高 凤平
LI Shaoling, GAO Fengping
AME会议资讯 | 名院名家面对面之钟南山院士大查房
AME conferences | Nanshan Zhong: grand rounds at guangzhou institute of respiratory disease
AME特邀来稿 | 钟鸣:国内ECMO使用之现状
AME Special Contributions | Ming ZHONG: domestic using status of ECMO
AME诺贝尔故事06 | 病原细菌学奠基人科赫
AME Stories of Nobel Prize 06 | Pioneering microbiologist-Robert Koch
张 泽, 胡 嘉华, 陈 佳琳, 王 瑛琪
ZHANG Ze, HU Jiahua, CHEN Jialin, WANG Yingqi

论著 Original Article

Influence of gender, age and albumin on the result of the determination of ischemia modified albumin
沈 浩明, 张 卫华, 吴 白平
SHEN Haoming, ZHANG Weihua, WU Baiping
Association between pulmonary function and leukotriene in adult chronic persistent asthmatic patients
银 维谋, 李 凤献, 韦 彩周, 韦 碧妙, 冯 广弘, 农 向阳, 覃 雪军
YIN Weimou, LI Fengxian, WEI Caizhou, WEI Bimiao, FENG Guanghong, NONG Xiangyang, Qin Xuejun
The application of vacuum sealing drainage in the treatment of infection wound healing at later stage of large area burn
向 光俊, 杨 洪政, 马 云飞, 何 玉霞
XIANG Guangjun, YANG Hongzheng, MA Yunfei, HE Yuxia
Clinical significant of TNF-α-308 polymorphism in metabolic syndrome patients with asthma
Expression and significance of calcium sensing receptor and E-cadherin in lung adenocarcinoma
姜 文波, 杨 睿, 孟 庆威
Jiang Wenbo, Yang Rui, MENG Qingwei
Effects of hyperbaric oxygen treatment on the tissue apoptosis and ultrastructure of liver cells in rats with type 2 diabetes
聂 文洁, 曹 秀琴, 邵 贵强
NIE Wenjie, CAO Xiuqin, SHAO Guiqiang
The observation of clinical efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) Yinlian mouthwash on elderly patients with periodontitis
蔡 君, 蔡 雯
CAI Jun, Cai Wen
The application of nursing risk management in patients with chronic hepatitis B liver failure
李 娟, 雷 毓宁
LI Juan, Lei Yuning
Surgical resection combined with VSD and other comprehensive therapies for treatment of gout stone combined with infection
赵 坤, 姚 忠军
ZHAO Kun, YAO Zhongjun
Regulation of cyclosporin A and methotrexate on IL-17 expression in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis
陈 莉莹, 孙 华瑜, 石 桂秀
Chen Liying, SUN Huayu, SHI Guixiu
超敏HBV DNA定量检测系统的临床应用研究
Clinical applications of highly sensitive detection system for HBV DNA quantification
戎 国栋, 徐 婷, 赵 鸿, 张 洁心, 王 芳, 潘 世扬, 黄 珮珺, 陈 丹
RONG Guodong, XU Ting, ZHAO Hong, ZHANG Jiexin, WANG Fang, PAN Shiyang, HUANG Peijun, CHEN Dan
The influence of diversified health education on diabetes self-management skills and quality of life
The application effects of humanized nursing on patients with chronic kidney disease