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The effect of carotid stenosisdegreeand blood MPO levels on cerebral ischemic stroke
晶 张, 小燕 龙
zhang jing , long xiaoyan
博 李
The research progress of Th17 cells and Treg cells imbalance in chronic inflammatory disease
溪夏 张, 志伟 曹
ZHANG Xixia , CAO Zhiwei
A case report and literatuer review of lung matastasis from renal epithelioned angiomylipoma
TCR Gene Rearrangement in the Pathologic Diagnosis of T-cell Lymphoma
雯 贾, 小兵 马
Ma Xiao bing
Progression of typing of protein arginine methyltransferase 7
培准 张, 化成 何, 勤雨 高
Zhang Peizhun , He Huacheng , Gao Qinyu
Advance in study on the ratio of VEGF-C/VEGF-D and tumor lymphatic metastasis
静文 王, 建武 唐, 玉琳 张, 志国 应
wang jingwen , tang jianwu , zhang yulin , ying zhiguo
The study the relationship between myeloperoxidase levels and coronary lesions severity, coronary collateral circulation (CCC) formaton in patients with stable angina pectoris
军 易, 亦 向, 娟 凌, 传昶 李, 猛 杨, 振宇 李
yi jun , xiang yi , ling juan , li chuanchang , yang meng , li zhenyu
Recent progress of thioredoxin and lung-related diseases
蜜 黄
Diagnosis and treatment to Castleman disease in the neck
非 周
On the training of young doctors in China
毅翔 王
Wáng Yì-Xiáng J.
How to create ROC curve using the SigmaPlot software?
志德 胡
HU Zhide
Pectus excavatum screening of primary students in dongguan and construction of pectus excavatum screening and following network
绪森 邹, 艳晴 林, 苏媚 蔡, 鑫 徐, 伟强 殷, 庆山 耿, 建行 何, 薇 李
ZOU Xusen , LIN Yanqing , CAI Sumei , XU Xin , YIN Weiqiang , GENG Qingshan , HE Jianxing , LI Wei
AME向东向西 | 关于Web of Science杂志影响因子的一些学术机构政策及一些个人的意见
AME Turn East and Turn West | Policies on Web of Science journal impact factor in academic institutions and personal opinions
毅翔 王
Wáng Yì-Xiáng J.
AME肝癌时间 | 多组学深度测序技术完美鉴别肝癌发生模型
AME Time for Liver Cancer | Comprehensive characterization of hepatitis B virus-associated multifocal hepatocellular carcinoma using a multi-omics strategy
Haruhiko Takeda
Takeda Haruhiko
Art@Med 专栏 | 心脏的混沌
Art@Med Column | Cardiac chaos
Lori Shocket, Siegfried Knop
Shocket Lori , Knop Siegfried
ESTS 2015 | Alan Sihoe教授:AME-ESTS病例挑战赛的感想与收获
ESTS 2015 | Prof. Alan Sihoe: some impressions and gains from AME-ESTS case competition
Alan Sihoe
AME会议 | Time to Change: 精彩纷呈的第一届全国腔镜气管隆突手术学术研讨会暨第八届中国肺癌微创治疗论坛
AME Conference | Time to Change: the wonderful First National Symposium on Endoscopic Tracheal Juga Surgery and the Eighth China's Forum on Minimally Invasive Therapy for Lung Cancer
媚 李
AME快讯 | 陈海泉教授被提名美国胸外科医师协会理事会成员
AME News | Prof. Haiquan Chen being nominated as a council member of the Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS)
媚 李
ASCVTS 2015 | 陈海泉:早期食管癌诊治的中国经验
ASCVTS 2015 | Prof. Haiquan Chen: diagnosis and treatment of early stage esophageal cancer—the Chinese experience
海泉 陈
AME专访 | 康明强:提高技术,造福病患
AME Interview | Mingqiang Kang: improving surgical techniques, bringing benefits to patients
凤平 高
AME Interview | Wenlong Shao: glasses-free 3D technology can help to shorten the learning curve
楚君 黄
AME特邀评论 | 非小细胞肺癌放疗的剂量提升,分割方式改变以及靶向药物在同步治疗中的应用
AME Special Commentary | Application of radiotherapy by dose escalation, altered fractionation and targeted drugs in non-small cell lung cancer
志勇 陈, 松喜 谢, 文昭 钟
, ,
AME专访 | 殷伟强:3D裸眼技术,一个革命性的发展
AME Interview | Weiqiang Yin: glasses-free 3D technology, a revolutionary technological advance
泳施 江
AME专访 | 矫文捷:浅谈胸外科手术的现状与发展
AME Interview | Wenjie Jiao: discussion of current status and future development of thoracic surgery
楚君 黄
AME特邀评论 | 早期NSCLC:立体定向放疗与手术,孰优孰劣?
AME Special Commentary | Stereotactic radiotherapy or surgery for early stage NSCLC, which is better?
弘 杨
Research progress on predictors of interferon treatment in patients with chronic hepatitis B
坤 王, 传龙 朱
WANG Kun , ZHU Chuanlong
Transcatheter embolization therapy in liver cancer: an update of clinical evidences
Yì-Xiáng J. Wáng, Thierry De Baere, Jean-Marc Idée, Sébastien Ballet
, , ,
AME专访 | 张兰军:精准医疗的东风顺势而来
AME Interview | Lanjun Zhang: precision medicine—the trend of our time
晓曼 黄
HUANG Xiaoman
AME专访 | 李辉:严于术前,精于术中,勤于术后
AME Interview | Hui Li: strict preoperative selection, precise surgical technique and meticulous postoperative management
丽桃 周
ZHOU Litao
AME专访 | 汪浩:电磁导航技术前景广阔
AME Interview | Hao Wang: a bright future for electromagnetic navigation bronchoscopy
泳施 江
JIANG Yongshi
AME特邀来稿 | 缅怀一代宗师黄志强院士
AME Special Contributions | Reminisce of the father of hepatobiliary surgery: academician Zhiqiang Huang
志民 刘
LIU Zhimin
AME特邀来稿 | 女人的脚步,男人你跟过来
AME Special Contributions | Men following in their women's footsteps
永明 贺
HE Yongming
ASCVTS 2015 | 第23届亚洲心血管与胸部外科年会见闻
ASCVTS 2015 | Brief report of the 23rd Annual Meeting of the Asian Society for Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery
雪琴 唐
TANG Xueqin
ESTS 2015 | 第23届欧洲普胸外科年会热点回顾
ESTS 2015 | Reviewing hot topics in the 23rd European Conference on General Thoracic Surgery
灏 汪
IGCC 2015 | 国际胃癌大会的中国之声
IGCC 2015 | Voice of China in the 11th International Gastric Cancer Congress
思华 郑
ESTS 2015 | ESTS Master Cup三大洲临床病例决策大赛全纪录
ESTS 2015 | The full record for the ESTS Masters Cup competition with the participation of three continents
灏 汪, 斌 郑, 少灵 黎
WANG Hao , ZHENG Bin , LI Shaoling
The pivotal role of pathology in the management of lung cancer
Morgan R. Davidson, Adi F. Gazdar, Belinda E. Clarke
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AME社长论坛 | 车门虽在敞开,但列车已驶远——中文生物医学期刊与Medline
AME Presidents’ Forum | Train goes out of sight but leaves the door open-Chinese biomedical journals and Medline
谦 刘, 道远 汪
LIU Qian , WANG Daoyuan
AME向东向西022 | 中国的临床医生为何竞相申请基础研究项目?
AME Turn East and Turn West 022 | Why so many Chinese clinical doctors are competing for basic research grants?
毅翔 王
Wáng Yì-Xiáng J.
AME外科时间 | 国际胸外科医师优秀手术视频展播暨外科SCI论文写作全国巡讲会议(杭州站)圆满落幕
AME Surgical Time Series | International video show of outstanding thoracic surgeons and national tour (Hangzhou Stop) lectures for writing surgical SCI papers was a success
朝秀 何
HE Chaoxiu
AME特邀来稿 | 小明去开会:波士顿,乌拉圭大师,期待相遇
AME Special Contributions | 2015 ASE annual meeting: appointment with Uruguay legend in Boston
明 褚
CHU Ming
AME News丨影响因子No.1的期刊,谷歌学术指标排第几?
AME News | Ranking of google scholar metrics among biomedical journals covered by science citation index in mainland China
小悦 徐
XU Xiaoyue
AME向东向西021 | 为何中国目前在医学发明方面表现不佳及中国如何应对?(第一部分)
AME Turn East and Turn West 021 | Why China is currently underperforming in medical innovation and what China can do about it?—Part I
毅翔 王, 凡 肖
Wáng Yì-Xiáng J. , XIAO Fan
AME专访 | 陈克能:MDT in thoracic oncology, we are on the way
AME Interview | MDT in thoracic oncology, we are on the way
少灵 黎, 凤平 高
LI Shaoling , GAO Fengping
AME会议资讯 | 名院名家面对面之钟南山院士大查房
AME conferences | Nanshan Zhong: grand rounds at guangzhou institute of respiratory disease
小红 尤
YOU Xiaohong
AME特邀来稿 | 钟鸣:国内ECMO使用之现状
AME Special Contributions | Ming ZHONG: domestic using status of ECMO
鸣 钟
AME诺贝尔故事06 | 病原细菌学奠基人科赫
AME Stories of Nobel Prize 06 | Pioneering microbiologist-Robert Koch
泽 张, 嘉华 胡, 佳琳 陈, 瑛琪 王
ZHANG Ze , HU Jiahua , CHEN Jialin , WANG Yingqi
AME特邀来稿 | 高血压患者福音——缬沙坦氨氯地平单片复方制剂治疗
AME Special Contributions | Amlodipine/valsartan single pill combination therapy: good news for patients with hypertension
Düsing Rainer
Rainer Düsing
AME特邀来稿 | 如何找到英文期刊的投稿网址?
AME Special Contributions | How to search online submission website to English journals?
智 毛, 硕 陈, 飞虎 周
MAO Zhi , CHEN Shuo , ZHOU Feihu
AME-COVIDIEN | 创世智能单孔胸腔镜肺切除手术视频大赛入围名单揭晓
AME-COVIDIEN | The Creation intelligent Single-Port VATS Lobectomy Video Contest shortlist announced
小红 尤
YOU Xiaohong
AME快讯 | 孔琳医生研究入选美国肿瘤放射治疗学会(ASTRO)第57届年会最佳文摘
AME NEWS | Dr. Konglin’s study wsa selected as "Best of ASTRO" at the ASTRO's 57th Annual Meeting
雪婷 陈
CHEN Xueting
AME专访 | 陆嘉德教授:中国质子重离子技术迎来绝佳发展契机
AME Meet the Professor | Prof. Jiade Lu: proton beam therapy technology to usher in an excellent development opportunity
媚 李
LI Mei
AME特邀来稿 | 美国多家顶级新闻媒体同期报道我国研究成果:改变生活、远离痴呆
AME Special Contributions | Chinese research reported by many top American news medias in the same period: changing life, staying off Alzheimer's & dementia
金泰 郁
YU Jintai
A study on setting up a clinic laboratory for community in large public hospitals
健 陆, 兵 顾, 元健 吴, 卫东 徐, 冬敏 石, 亚南 王, 熙 王
LU Jian , GU Bing , WU Yuanjian , XU Weidong , SHI Dongmin , WANG Yanan , WANG Xi
AME News | 携手攀峰,AME与美敦力创新外科签订战略合作协议
AME News | Hand in hand for a better future, AME Publishing Company and Medtronic signed a strategic cooperation agreement
出版社 AME
AME Publishing Company
AME社长论坛 | 四谈BCT:临床诊疗行为相关的数据是否应该被采集?
AME Presidents' Forum | The fourth talk of big-data clinical trial (BCT): should data related to diagnosis and treatment be collected?
道远 汪, 亚星 沈, 文昭 钟
WANG Daoyuan , SHEN Yaxing , ZHONG Wenzhao
AME College | 亦塾(上海站)花絮回顾:莘莘学子,笃学求索
AME College | Interesting tidbits from Shanghai AME College: large numbers of students are diligent in study and practice
小悦 徐
XU Xiaoyue
AME College | 亦塾(广州站)花絮回顾:你所不知道的“微创”和统计
AME College | Interesting tidbits from Guangzhou AME College: some things you don't know about "minimally invasive" and statistics
小悦 徐
XU Xiaoyue
AME College | AME亦塾,畅想医学未来
AME College | AME College, imagining the future of medicine
志君 韩
HAN Zhijun
AME特邀来稿 | 初始联合降压治疗在卒中初级预防中的作用
AME Special Contributions | Effect of initial antihypertensive combination therapy on primary stroke prevention
Noubiap Jean Jacques N.
Jean Jacques N. Noubiap
一呼一吸,生命之息——记2015欧洲呼吸学会年会(ERS 2015)
Every breath counts—notes of 25th Annual Congress of the European Respiratory Society (ERS 2015)
小雁 陆
LU Xiaoyan
ACS 2015丨独一无二的外科医生
ACS 2015 | What do you love about surgery?
小悦 徐
XU Xiaoyue
AME News | 经典传承,创新发展——记第七届华西微创胸外科论坛暨首届中国西部胸外论坛及华西2015国际食管疾病论坛
AME News | Classical inheritance, innovations and development - notes of the 7th West China Forum on Minimally Invasive Thoracic Surgery and the 1st Western China Forum on Thoracic Surgery and West China 2015 Forum on Esophagology
凤平 高
GAO Fengping
AME专访 | 刘家全:单孔胸腔镜手术,越微创越好?
AME Interview | Jiaquan Liu: uniportal video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery, more minimal invasive surgery is always better?
小红 尤
YOU Xiaohong
WCLC 2015花絮 | 一张珍贵的照片
Tidbits of WCLC 2015 | A precious photo
朝秀 何
HE Chaoxiu
AME 专访 | 陈寄梅:小儿心脏外科立足现状,放眼国际
AME Interview | Jimei Chen: present status and international perspectives of pediatric cardiac surgery
少灵 黎
LI Shaoling
WCLC 2015 | 周清:中国新药研发——化茧成蝶的蜕变
WCLC 2015 | Qing Zhou: new drug research and development in China—a caterpillar turning into a butterfly
清 周
AME News | AME 2016年病例挑战赛ESTS亚洲队精英队员选拔赛时间和地点公布
AME News | Launch of the AME 2016 special competition for the selection of junior Chinese surgeons for the ESTS Asian team
少灵 黎
LI Shaoling
AME News | 我国科技工作者发现尘螨新过敏原Der f 28
AME News | Chinese scientists identify a novel allergen subtype of dermatophagoides farinae 28
广翘 曾
ZENG Guangqiao
AME News | 金秋捷报:CCO成为AME第六本被Scopus收录的期刊
AME News | Breaking news: CCO become the sixth journal under AME indexed in Scopus
晓曼 黄
HUANG Xiaoman
ITMIG 2015 | 一路上有你——图说2015胸腺肿瘤协会年会上海之行
ITMIG 2015 | Thanks for having you along the way: illustrations of the travel to Shanghai for the 6th International Thymic Malignancy Interest Group Annual Meeting (ITMIG 2015)
小雁 陆, 少灵 黎
LU Xiaoyan , LI Shaoling
AME纵横专栏 002 | 如何制作数据收集表格?so easy!
AME Cross Column | How to make a case report form? so easy
仲恒 章
ZHANG Zhongheng
AME College | 亦塾(北京站)花絮回顾:成长路上,感谢有你
AME College | Interesting tidbits from Beijing AME College: a journey with achievement and happiness
小悦 徐
XU Xiaoyue
AME News | 记第三届东方胸外科论坛
AME News | Report of the 3rd oriental thoracic surgery forum
珊珊 钟, 凤平 高
ZHONG Shanshan , GAO Fengping
AME News | 记2015 ASTRO大会
AME News | Report of the 57th ASTRO annual meeting
朝秀 何, 清华 钟
HE Chaoxiu , ZHONG Qinghua
AME特邀来稿 | 信念与梦想齐飞,师者亦在路上
AME Special Contribution | Faith and dream fly together, teachers on the way
兵 顾
GU Bing
AME News | 思想源于碰撞,进步始于交流——记肝胆外科及论文写作国际研讨会
AME News | Exchange makes progress: hepatobiliary surgery and manuscript writing symposium cosponsored by HBSN and AME publishing company
泳施 江, 小悦 徐
JIANG Yongshi , XU Xiaoyue
AME PubMed实用技巧 | 三步追踪PubMed中某领域最新文献
AME Practical Techniques | Three steps following up latest literatures in a certain field in PubMed
硕 陈, 智 毛
CHEN Shuo , MAO Zhi
AME News | 2015上海乳房重建论坛成功召开
AME News | Successful opening of 2015 Shanghai breast reconstruction symposium
嘉慧 王
WANG Jiahui
AME News | 齐分享,同交流,促共进——记第二届剑桥国际 胸外微创手术研讨会
AME News | Highlights on the 2nd Cambridge International VATS symposium
凤平 高, 珊珊 钟
GAO Fengping , ZHONG Shanshan
ELSA 2015 | 会议见闻:开在历史文化遗产名城的学术之花
ELSA 2015 | The ELSA 2015 News: creating the future from the great legacy
楚君 黄
HUANG Chujun
AME编辑部的故事 | 费城见闻之宾夕法尼亚大学医院:质子 治疗中心
AME Stories | My visit to penn medicine’s roberts proton therapy center
小悦 徐
XU Xiaoyue
AME News | 做最好的自己!牵手恩泽,AME College踏上新征程
AME News | To be the best of yourself! AME College and Enze Medical Center joinging hands and beginning a new journey
媚 李
LI Mei
AME PubMed实用技巧 | 如何打造PubMed个人专属滤器?
AME Practical Techniques | How to build up an individual exclusive PubMed filter?
硕 陈, 智 毛
CHEN Shuo , MAO Zhi
AME专访 | 张兰军:电磁导航(ENB)成就精准外科
AME Interview | Lanjun Zhang: Electromagnetic navigation bronchus (ENB) technology leading to great advances in precision surgery
少灵 黎
LI Shaoling
AME News | 情之所至,一往而深——记第四届国际胸部肿瘤西子论坛
AME News | Once devoted, Love For Whole Life—Records on the Fourth Westlake Forum of International Thoracic Tumors
莎 何, 朝秀 何
HE Sha , HE Chaoxiu
AME News | 江苏省免疫学会“感染与检验学组”成立
AME News | The Infection and Detection Group of Jiangsu Society for Immunology was founded
嘉慧 王
WANG Jiahui
Adjusting for baseline differences: analysis of covariance
天嵩 张
ZHANG Tiansong
AME News | 肺癌多学科诊疗模式下的个体化治疗——记首届上海中山肺癌论坛暨呼吸内镜学习班
AME News | The First Shanghai Zhongshang Lung Cancer Symposium—personal medicine combined with multidisplinary treatment of lung cancer
凤平 高
GAO Fengping
Joined symposium of MD Anderson Cancer Center Global Academic Program and Chinese Society of Radiation Oncology —Combined Technology and Biology to Conquer Cancer
冰 孙
SUN Bing
本届ASTRO会议授予Jack A. Roth 教授荣誉会员
Professor Jack A. Roth—a recipient of Honorary Membership in 2015 ASTRO
冰 孙
SUN Bing
ASTRO会议之SABR专场——“Stereotactic Radiation Therapy: Beyond Medical Inoperable Stage I NSCLC”
Session on SRT in ASTRO——“Stereotactic Radiation Therapy: Beyond Medical Inoperable Stage I NSCLC”
冰 孙
SUN Bing
Two Confused and Confusing Concepts of SD and SEM
志德 胡
HU Zhide
CD20-negative DLBCL transformation after rituximab treatment in follicular small cleaved cell lymphoma—a clinicopathological analysis and review of the literature
翔 杨, 瑗 张, 宁 吴, 瑜 刘, 璇 王, 楠 吴, 晓军 周, 文辉 万
YANG Xiang , ZHANG Yuan , WU Ning , LIU Yu , WANG Xuan , WU Nan , ZHOU Xiaojun , WAN Wenhui
STARD guideline in diagnostic accuracy tests: perspective from a systematic reviewer
志德 胡
HU Zhide
A STAR-Document for those interested in evaluating diagnostic research studies
Peter A. Kavsak
The standards for reporting diagnostic accuracy studies 2015 update: is there a missing link to the triumvirate?
Alan H. B. Wu , Robert H Christenson
Improving accuracy of diagnostic studies in a world with limited resources: a road ahead
Giuseppe Lippi , Mario Plebani
STARD guidelines: another piece of an intricate puzzle for evaluating the quality of scientific publishing
Giuseppe Lippi
关于Del Chiaro及同事应用磁共振做胰腺癌筛查的报道
On pancreatic cancer screening by magnetic resonance imaging with the recent evidence by Del Chiaro and colleagues
Yì-Xiáng J. Wáng , Jing-Shan Gong , Romaric Loffroy
, ,
The foundation of Asian Society of Thoracic Surgeons (ASTS) : join hands in Asia, toward the world
出版社 AME
AME Publishing Company
First Pan-Asian Forum on Cooperation in Thoracic Surgery: collaborate across Asia and the world
燕华 刘, 伊倩 叶
LIU Yanhua , YE Yiqian
Opportunities and challenges for thoracic surgery collaborations in China: a commentary
Sihoe Alan D. L.
《住院医师规范化培训公共必修课:学习指导与习题集》| 怎样读好这本书?
Study guides and problem sets of common courses exam for resident standardization training
宁 丁, 兵 顾
DING Ning , GU Bing
AME evidence series 001—The Society for Translational Medicine: clinical practice guidelines for diagnosis and early identification of sepsis in the hospital
Zhang Zhongheng , Smischney Nathan J. , Zhang Haibo , Poucke Sven Van , Tsirigotis Panagiotis , Rello Jordi , Honore Patrick M. , Kuan Win Sen , Ray Juliet June , Zhou Jiancang , Shang You , Yu Yuetian , Jung Christian , Robba Chiara , Taccone Fabio Silvio , Caironi Pietro , Grimaldi David , Hofer Stefan , Dimopoulos George , Leone Marc , Hong Sang-Bum , Bahloul Mabrouk , Argaud Laurent , Kim Won Young , Spapen Herbert D. , Rocco Jose Rodolfo
, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
AMJ创刊词|AMJ:burnishing AME dream
AME Medical Journal: burnishing AME dream
道远 汪
More challenges around sepsis: definitions and diagnosis
Joynes Emma
Small world, great knowledge—the growth of newbies in microbiology examination
玥 汪, 兵 顾
Professor PAN Changqing: build Shanghai Chest Hospital as an international brand
少灵 黎, 黎畅 刘
AME sign a contract with Chengdu University of TCM: Dream-pursuer Project set sail in Chengdu
出版社 AME
Professor CHEN Gang: enhance the development of thoracic surgery techniques and serve for people’s healthcare
媚 李, 纪松 宋
AME·SMU Dream-pursuer Project: the winners' list of the 2nd English Speech Contest
燕 张
星汇珠海——广东省医师协会胸外科医师分会年会暨 第五届胸外科诊疗技术新进展高峰论坛3.25圆满落幕
The 2017 Annual Meeting of the Thoracic Surgery Branch of Guangdong Medical Doctor Association and the 5th Summit Forum on Diagnosis and Treatment of Thoracic Surgery ended successfully on 25th March 2017
媚 李
Threshold effect and trend test in case-control study
畅 刘, 永明 贺
使用IRAP 2.2.0(interactive risk attributable program)软件计算校正混杂因素的单个或多个危险因素人群归因风险
An interactive computer program (version 2.2.0) for calculation of population attributable risk(s) adjusted for confounders
东平 蔡, 永明 贺
Activated RET and ROS: two new driver mutations in lung adenocarcinoma
Bos Marc, Gardizi Masyar, Schidhaus Hans-Ulrich , Buettner Reinhard , Wolf Juergen
Marc Bos , Masyar Gardizi , Hans-Ulrich Schidhaus , Reinhard Buettner , Juergen Wolf
Circulating tumor cells in non-small cell lung carcinoma
Boshuizen Rogier , Kuhn Peter , Heuvel Michel van den
Rogier Boshuizen , Peter Kuhn , Michel van den Heuvel