2015 年第 35 卷第 6 期

AME科研时间专栏 AME Groups Column

ESTS 2015 | Alan Sihoe教授:AME-ESTS病例挑战赛的感想与收获
ESTS 2015 | Prof. Alan Sihoe: some impressions and gains from AME-ESTS case competition
AME会议 | Time to Change: 精彩纷呈的第一届全国腔镜气管隆突手术学术研讨会暨第八届中国肺癌微创治疗论坛
AME Conference | Time to Change: the wonderful First National Symposium on Endoscopic Tracheal Juga Surgery and the Eighth China's Forum on Minimally Invasive Therapy for Lung Cancer
AME快讯 | 陈海泉教授被提名美国胸外科医师协会理事会成员
AME News | Prof. Haiquan Chen being nominated as a council member of the Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS)
ASCVTS 2015 | 陈海泉:早期食管癌诊治的中国经验
ASCVTS 2015 | Prof. Haiquan Chen: diagnosis and treatment of early stage esophageal cancer—the Chinese experience
AME专访 | 康明强:提高技术,造福病患
AME Interview | Mingqiang Kang: improving surgical techniques, bringing benefits to patients
AME Interview | Wenlong Shao: glasses-free 3D technology can help to shorten the learning curve
AME特邀评论 | 非小细胞肺癌放疗的剂量提升,分割方式改变以及靶向药物在同步治疗中的应用
AME Special Commentary | Application of radiotherapy by dose escalation, altered fractionation and targeted drugs in non-small cell lung cancer
陈 志勇, 谢 松喜, 钟 文昭
AME专访 | 殷伟强:3D裸眼技术,一个革命性的发展
AME Interview | Weiqiang Yin: glasses-free 3D technology, a revolutionary technological advance
AME专访 | 矫文捷:浅谈胸外科手术的现状与发展
AME Interview | Wenjie Jiao: discussion of current status and future development of thoracic surgery
AME特邀评论 | 早期NSCLC:立体定向放疗与手术,孰优孰劣?
AME Special Commentary | Stereotactic radiotherapy or surgery for early stage NSCLC, which is better?

论著 Original Article

Analysis of the relationship between the patients with albumin creatinine ratio, the level of GFR and SLE with the severity of renal damage
杜 卫军, 李 相友
DU Weijun, LI Xiangyou
Tanshinone ⅡA restores high glucose-induced decrease of nitric oxide production
王 美霞, 韦 敏峰, 王 先桥
WANG Meixia, WEI Minfeng, WANG Xianqiao
The value of carcinoembryonic antigen levels in non-small cell lung cancer patients treated with EGFR-TKI
钟 文昭, 李 巍, 董 嵩, 严 红虹, 聂 强
ZHONG Wenzhao, LI Wei, DONG Song, YAN Honghong, NIE Qiang
Effects of montelukast tablets combined with budesonide on inflammatory factors and airflow limitation in children with bronchial asthma
Clinicopathologic analyses of malignant solitary fibrous tumor and review of the literature
邵 云, 王 海艳, 王 晶晶, 许 春伟, 吴 永芳, 王 怀涛, 张 博, 李 晓兵
SHAO Yun, WANG Haiyan, WANG Jingjing, XU Chunwei, WU Yongfang, WANG Huaitao, ZHANG Bo, LI Xiaobing
The molecular pathology examination analysis of drive gene change in non-small cell lung cancer
宋 业颖, 许 春伟, 吴 永芳, 班 怡, 张 博, 邵 云, 李 晓兵
SONG Yeying, XU Chunwei, WU Yongfang, BAN Yi, ZHANG Bo, SHAO Yun, LI Xiaobing
A clinicopathological study of 14 cases of bladder pheochromocytoma
周 良锐, 吴 焕文, 钟 定荣
ZHOU Liangrui, WU Huanwen, ZHONG Dingrong
Experimental study of the curcumin in chronic cerebral ischemic rats
周 婷, 李 青叶, 黄 菲菲, 候 明
ZHOU Ting, LI Qingye, HUANG Feifei, HOU Ming
The effect observation of comprehensive nursing intervention on patients with benign airway stenosis line under the bronchoscope balloon expansion
Two case of chordoma with clinicopathological features of and literature review
王 海艳, 吴 永芳, 许 春伟, 张 博, 邵 云, 王 怀涛, 李 晓兵, 张 凤霞
WANG Haiyan, WU Yongfang, XU Chunwei, ZHANG Bo, SHAO Yun, WANG Huaitao, LI Xiaobing, ZHANG Fengxia
Bone mineral density analysis in type 2 diabetes retinopathy
王 超, 马 维青, 张 强, 刘 皆, 吕 芳, 王 国娟, 胡 国平, 吴 德云, 孙 春萍, 刘 杨
WANG Chao, MA Weiqing, ZHANG Qiang, LIU Jie, LV Fang, WANG Guojuan, HU Guoping, WU Deyun, SUN Chunping, LIU Yang
Distribution and resistance surveillance of pathogens causing diabetic foot infections in 125 cases
陈 燕, 陈 卫红, 何 亮军
CHEN Yan, CHEN Weihong, HE Liangjun
Application of responsibility contract work system in critical intensive intravenous infusion nursing quality management
卢 红梅, 刘 桂秀
LU Hongmei, LIU Guixiu
超低管电压(70 kVp)结合迭代重建技术在低体重儿童胸部检查中的可行性研究
A feasibility study of using ultra-low tube voltage (70 kVp) combined with iterative reconstruction in low weight children chest CT scan
Clinicopathologic analyses of 11 male breast cancers and review of the literature
邵 云, 王 怀涛, 刘 甲子, 王 海艳, 王 晶晶, 许 春伟, 吴 永芳, 张 博, 李 晓兵
SHAO Yun, WANG Huaitao, LIU Jiazi, WANG Haiyan, WANG Jingjing, XU Chunwei, WU Yongfang, ZHANG Bo, LI Xiaobing
Application of carotid ultrasound on the analysis of the risk factors for the severity of ischemic cerebrovascular disease
Multi-system Langerhans cell histiocytosis in children: a clinicopathologic study of 8 cases
赵 曼丽, 朱 坤, 杨 敏, 顾 伟忠, 赵 云, 舒 艳, 汤 宏峰
ZHAO Manli, ZHU Kun, YANG Min, GU Weizhong, ZHAO Yun, SHU Yan, TANG Hongfeng
The effect evaluation of minoxidil tincture of joint compound glycyrrhizic on alopecia areata and the influence on serum TNF-α, TGF-β1 and of IL–12
Angle-closure glaucoma iris week cut the change of anterior chamber angle after ultrasonic biological microscope
麦 志昌, 林 沾醒, 陈 建丽
MAI Zhichang, LIN Zhanxing, CHEN Jianli
Correlation analysis of plasma BNP level and undesirable recovery for ability of independent activity in patient with acute cerebral infarction
昌 军, 张 健
The changes of choroidal thickness in the open-angle glaucoma patients whether merge diabetes after trabeculectomy
Correlation of blood lead, cadmium, calcium, zinc and copper levels with missed abortion
朱 军, 梅 茹, 姚 超
ZHU Jun, MEI Ru MEI Ru, YAO Chao
Diversified entertainment measures in nursing care of postoperative pain
殷 金花, 韩 晓云, 徐 明
YIN Jinhua, HAN Xiaoyun, XU Ming
miR-580对乳腺癌细胞系中 Twist1的调节作用
Twist1 regulation by miR-580 in breast cancer cell lines
孟 庆威, 孙 嘉, 纪 春连, 席 玉慧
MENG Qingwei, SUN Jia, JI Chunlian, XI Yuhui
Clinicopathologic study of microscopic colitis in 39 cases
张 桂芳, 史 传兵, 杨 晓俊, 张 发明
ZHANG Guifang, SHI Chuanbing, YANG Xiaojun, ZHANG Faming
Meta-analysis of association of circulation interleukin-35 with cancer
陈 相军, 吴 青霞, 陈 敏, 刘 芳, 李 念
CHEN Xiangjun, WU Qingxia, CHEN Min, LIU Fang, LI Nian
Establishment and characterization of a erlotinib—drug resistant variant of human lung adenocarcinoma cell line PC-9/ER
钱 静, 陈 不尤, 刘 贤称, 顾 红梅, 姚 宁华
QIAN Jing, CHEN Buyou, LIU Xiancheng, GU Hongmei, YAO Ninghua
Donnahoo Ⅳ型阴茎弯曲畸形阴茎皮肤及纤维性尿道组织中雄激素受体的表达及临床意义
The expression and clinical significance of androgen receptor in genital tissue and fibrotic urethra of patients with chordee of Donnahoo type IV
安 宇, 唐 耘熳, 谭 树林, 黄 建林, 罗 一钊, 何 鹏
AN Yu, TANG Yunman, TAN Shulin, HUANG Jianlin, LUO Yizhao, HE Peng
A comparison of soft tissues changes in patients with skeletal class Ⅲ malocclusion after orthodontic and surgical treatments
董 欣, 王 宏伟, 孟 卫东, 苑 玉良, 李 巧磊, 陈 志岭
DONG Xin, WANG Hongwei, MENG Weidong, YUAN Yuliang, LI Qiaolei, CHEN Zhiling
The study on the association of sex steriod hormone levels with the risk of breast cancer
王 娟娟, 古 雨浓, 李 建, 刘 斌
WANG Juanjuan, GU Yunong, LI Jian, LIU Bin
Application of the Da Vinci robot operation system in gastric cancer
李 鹏, 李 冰, 刘 洪一, 贾 宝庆
LI Peng, LI Bing, LIU Hongyi, JIA Baoqing
Blood culture positive rate and distribution of pathogens with different submission methods
谭 枝微, 顾 兵
TAN Zhiwei, GU Bing
Influences of comprehensive nursing intervention on pain and life quality of osteoporotic thoracolumbar vertebral compression fracture patients
Clinicopathological analysis of 13 cases of prostate ductal adenocarcinom
付 娟娟, 宋 新兰, 胡 小萍, 孙 振柱
FU Juanjuan, SONG Xinlan, HU Xiaoping, SUN Zhenzhu
The clinical experience of comprehensive nursing of chronic glomerulonephritis
Tubeless Versus Common Minimally Invasive Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy for Renal Stones: Analysis of Clinical Outcomes
MiR-21 and ERK1/2 expression and the clinical sense in esophageal squamous carcinoma
刘 凤霞, 杨 文清, 李 建勇, 刘 文亚
LIU Fengxia, YANG Wenqing, LI Jianyong, LIU Wenya

综述 Review

Regulatory function on T cell immunity of regulatory B cell and its regulating factors in allergic diseases
王 萌, 曹 志伟
WANG Meng, CAO Zhiwei
Research progress of ROS1 fusion gene in non-small cell lung cancer
王 晶晶, 许 春伟, 张 博
WANG Jingjing, XU Chunwei, ZHANG Bo
Research progress of thyroid cancer molecular markers
Research progress on predictors of interferon treatment in patients with chronic hepatitis B
王 坤, 朱 传龙
WANG Kun, ZHU Chuanlong
The related research of topiramate for migraine prevention
童 玲玲, 曾 丽
TONG Lingling, ZENG Li
Review the main TURBT method used for bladder preservation treating muscle invasive bladder cancer
尹 学来, 张 亚强
YIN Xuelai, ZHANG Yaqiang
The study progress on the correlation between PINK1 and glucose metabolism
张 娟, 莫 朝晖
ZHANG Juan, MO Zhaohui
The treatment strategy of Hodgkin’s lymphoma and its advanced research
刘 勇, 杨 海玉
LIU Yong, YANG Haiyu
The application and research progress of pancreaticogastrostomy
陈 品中, 邵 成浩
CHEN Pinzhong, SHAO Chenghao
Research progress and prospect of PD-1/PD-L1 in non-small cell lung cancer
高 蓓蓓, 李 代强
GAO Beibei, LI Daiqiang

临床病例讨论 Case Reports

Clinicopathologic analyses of pulmonary benign metastasizing leiomyoma and review of the literature
赵 香秋, 王 怀涛, 许 春伟, 吴 永芳, 张 博, 李 晓兵, 卞 丽红, 邵 云
ZHAO Xiangqiu, WANG Huaitao, XU Chunwei, WU Yongfang, ZHANG Bo, LI Xiaobing, BIAN Lihong, SHAO Yun
Small cell carcinoma of the ureter: a case report and literature review
张 冬梅, 魏 建国
ZHANG Dongmei, WEI Jianguo
One case of clinicopathological analyses of Ewing’s sarcoma easy to misdiagnosis as small cell lung cancer
姜 春婷, 魏 建国, 许 春伟, 吴 永芳, 王 怀涛, 王 海艳, 张 博, 邵 云, 李 晓兵
JIANG Chunting, WEI Jianguo, XU Chunwei, WU Yongfang, WANG Huaitao, WANG Haiyan, ZHANG Bo, SHAO Yun, LI Xiaobing